Here we have the daddy of the waggs,these waggs come with a 8g weight and take a extra 2g taking the daddy waggs to 10g.

These also come with changable tips,red and yellow.

These floats are fantastic for deep water or when you need that little extra distance for catching far out fish.

These waggs can also be used for slider floats.

These come in a quality balsa body and can vary a little on weight depends on style of fishing.

Price is for 4 x waggs

SMALL WAGGS  3g and 4g

This deal comes with 6 wagglers    3 x 3g and  3 x 4g    mixed  red and yellow tips


These half loading waggs cast like a dream,dead straight and glide through the air giving you a decent cast...The floats already come with a 3g or 4g weight added and will need the extra weight added to the waggs...The waggs are a high quality balsa..please adjust the weight to the style of fishing your doing.

These waggs can be used for fishing on the deck or used to fish mid water.


Waggs come in red and yellow tops that are a good 3mm so easy to see.



One of the best style waggs when fish come very shallow and a normal wagg just wont do,these can be adjusted so the hook and bait are just inches under the water catching them very shallow carp.The shape of the bulbs also act as a self hooking method...


You will recieve 4 waggs in different sizes....

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