F1 Carbons / Silvers


I like to keep my fishing ultra simple and with the DT winters it helps me do just that.I use the DT slims all summer with the 1mm stems and 2mm bristles and they are bang on for all my summer pellet/meat deck fishing,so to keep things simple and also very similar i like to use the same float but fined down and this float fits the bill perfectly.With it's 1.5mm bristle and finer 0.6mm stem it's a mega versatile float for anything from silvers to F1's to big carp in the depths of winter.I have a tray of these for all my winter needs with various shotting patterns,eg a bulk and 2 droppers for bombing a bait through when targeting a lot of silvers when you want the better fish on the bottom or i have some with strung out no. 11's for those ultra wary fish watching the bait fall.You can also use them for dobbing bread/maggots when the fish don't want to feed.Like i say a mega versatile float that really does do it all in the colder months.

we also have a winter f1 carbon special that comes with a glass 1.2mm tip that is ultra sensative.These are also a must in winter or maggot fishing.

what colour floats spring or side eyes

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