DT Hybrid Elastics


The Dt Hybrid contains the properties of both solid and hollow elastics meaning it is low in diameter but high in stretch factor! This super stretchy elastic is also incredibly durable which makes it ideal for modern day angling where the use of Pulla Kits and Pulla Bushes is commonplace and extreme strain is placed upon our elastics.

New Dt hybrid elastic

Fantastic New Generation of Solid Pole Elastic in 7 Colours & Sizes

Twice the Stretch of Normal Solid

No Flattening

No Air Bubbles

Narrow Diameter

Durable Long Life

Extra Low Friction

Natural Latex

High Visibility

Great Stretch and Retraction

Silky Smooth

Orange 4/6

Green 6/8

Red 8/10

Pink 10/12

Yellow 12/14

Blue 14/18

Purple 18/20

Elastics come in 2.5mtrs which is plenty to cover all match top kits and power kits.

Just try it and you wont look back.

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