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A must have for the summer shallow work, these little Pellet Pingers are just perfect for fishing banded hard or soft pellets while spraying feed up in the water.

The Pellet Pingers will hold a 4mm or 6mm pellet.

Fitted with a Super Strong eye over the tip.

Numerous 100lb bags have been taken with this little float, proving they are more than capable of withstanding the strains of commercial Baggin' sessions.

These also come inline which dont come with a spring these come with a piece of silicone over the tip..The line goes through the middle of the bodie...will easy take 0.20

please pick normal and in the information bar state inlines.

Tip: Red, Yellow, Black and Green

Stem: Clear.

Please state below your choice of body colour.

Please state clear or black stem..blue or red bodies

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