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A tear drop shaped foam body makes this such a versatile float and can be used with many types of baits from maggots to large pieces of meat. A very stable float and another great margin pattern.

This and the RB's have to be some of the best margin floats going.

The glass stem passes through the body into the hollow tip making it unbreakable, just what you need when your margin fishing.

The floats come fitted with the new super strong spring eye that cant be pulled out as these sit over the tips of the floats.

A pure power margin float.

Tip:1.5  Red, Yellow, Black Green

tips 2mm   Red  Yellow Black and Green

Stem: Clear, Black.

Baits: Maggot, Corn, Meat, Pellet.

Please state below if you require Clear or Black stems and choice of body colour.

Please state clear or black stem and red or blue body

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