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Hartleylands Farm..21/5/13.

Posted by John Drake. Sponsored by D.T Floats. on May 21, 2013 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I had a practice session today on NICKS at hartleylands farm for the next round of the Supercup.i started on the method for the first hour which was productive,then I started on paste at 6 metres and in the left hand margin using my new D.T paste floats,they performed BRILLIANTLY.The float was dragged through a few reeds in the margins with no damage to the float,are these floats made of steel......? In just four houris had well over the tonne,well pleased with these floats and what a place to try them out.

next match on Sunday,what floats.......?     Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Spring Pools 19th May.

Posted by Steve Oswick Sponsored by DT Floats + Miracle Baits. on May 20, 2013 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Well, after getting my dates all mixed up for the next round of the Holmes Farm Pole Champs (wrong day, wrong venue and completely the wrong match!!) I was left with nowhere to go this weekend until I had a chat with a mate who's club were fishing Spring Pools near Rugby on Sunday.

After a quick call, myself and Paul Dolby were booked in as guests.

Spring Pools is a lovely little venue, quiet, secluded and full of fish :)

The match lake is almost rectangular with a large island at one end making it almost like fishing a snake lake, then open water with a small island at the bottom dam end.

The 8am draw felt a bit "early" for me, but we arrived in good time and the draw was made.

I drew out peg 16 which is just off the dam end infront of the small island, Paul drew 12 on the dam wall.....all on his own!!

The island on my peg was about 18m away, but when I arrived, there were a lot of signs of fish being quite close in.

I decided that 7m was my main line of attack and after plumbing up I found a small hole just off to my left and again to my right. Float choice was a DT Slim PS :) on 7 lb line and 14 hook. Sounds a bit heavy, but there are some big fish in there and after being smashed up 4 times on my last visit I was taking no chances!

I also had plenty of space down the inside lines and one rig served for both sides.

My bait selection was simple, after my last match here a few weeks ago (which I was lucky enough to win) I decided to stick to the same.

Feed was Miracle Baits 4mm pellets and a few micros for the shallow margins and hookbaits were 6mm MBs hookers and corn.

I also made up some paste incase the lumps turned up ;)

At the all in was sounded at 9am and I cupped in 2 lots of 4mm pellets on both 7m lines and a couple of handfulls went in the margins.

I shipped out to the 7m line with corn on the hook and the float had just settled and it shot under!

A minute or so later and I had landed my first fish of the day was in the net, a nice 5lb common :)

Back to the same line and 10 minutes later I had a second fish of a similar size.

I could see most of the rest of the lake from ly peg and as far as I could see, I was the first to have a fish and in the first half hour I had about 5 fish and around 20 lb in the nets :)

Unfortunately after the good start, I couldnt keep them coming regularly and for the most part of the day I would pick up 2 or 3 fish then nothing for half an hour, then again, another couple and nothing...very frustrating!! :(

1pm rolled around quickly, and although I knew I had had a few fish when others had struggled, the chap on my right began to pick up a few good fish on his margin lines and for the next hour all I heard was the sound of fish crashing into his nets!!

I was quickly falling behind so I decided to take a brave chance and dump 3 pots of pellet and corn onto my 7m lines and hope that I could get them to get their heads down and have a good last hour.

It worked to a fashion and from 2-3pm I managed to snare another half a dozen fish, but I knew that the chap on 18 had been getting some very big fish.

I hooked a last minute fish a few seconds before the whistle at 3pm and landed it.

As we packed away a few people walked past and there was talk of some good catches at the top end but also a couple of low wieghts in the middle section.

The chap on 18 weighed in a very well deserved 88 lb, and I knew I hadnt got that much.

My 2 nets weight 76 lb and there was a record already from further up of 79, putting me in 3rd so far.

The scales continued round the lake and Paul could only manage 10 lb off a nice, but tight peg (and I felt for him as the angler on the left bank to him kept casting his feeder across him, and Im convinced this was scattering Pauls fish :()

Paul did say to me that he thought a guy further along the island had been catching weel and reckoned he could well have had a ton!

As we got back to the car park and loaded the car we passed the scales on the last weigh in and had a look at the board.

To our surprise, the chap who Paul thought had done it had only had 66 lb, which meant I was still in 3rd place:)

I was happy with that as I hadnt lost many fish for a change, and the only ones I had lost were fou hookers, so I had pretty much a 100% land rate;)

So, a lovely day out in good company and a 3rd on the board for DT Floats /Miracle Baits :)

Im not booked in for anything until 1st June now, but I ll be looking to get out somewhere.......

Tight Lines,


Perfect Floats..

Posted by John Drake. Sponsored by D.T Floats. on May 17, 2013 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Dean,I received my floats today and as always they were PERFECT.

I will be ordering some more Paste Floats,they look great and I can't wait to use them.

thanks again to D.T floats Perfect Floats Every Time........

Bucko's Pole Only Champs, Holmes Farm, Leics.

Posted by Steve Oswick Sponsored by DT Floats + Miracle Baits. on May 12, 2013 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Saturday, 11th May saw me arrive early at the lake, where I was greeted by a nasty cold wind:|

That didnt bode well for the day, but talk of large weights coming from the weekday matches kept me in a positive frame of mind.

After everyone had arrived and booked in, the draw was made at 9.30.

I decided that I wanted to draw on the right side of the lake, in the 20's, but the wind had changed direction and was now blowing HARD towards that bank............

In went my hand and out popped 27....too far towards the corner where it was lapping like Skeggy beach!

Still, you can drive right round and park behind your peg, so at least I didnt have to walk very far:P

With the wind blowing straight into me I decided the margins would be worth a go and set up just 2 lines of attack. One for both margins and one at around 7m off to my left, just up against a slight shelf, with the idea that I would feed at 8m and the tow would drift the feed towards me to the shelf at 7m;)

Baits were kept simple.. Corn and 6mm Miracle Baits scopex hookers for the hook, and 4mm MBs feed pellets and a few white (no named) 4mm feed pellets.

Rig wise was simple too.

Margin float was an N.G margin and the 7m line was, of course a  D.T Float :D 

Out went the feed at 10.30am and I sat and waited...........

The first few hours were non eventful, infact I didnt have my first fish until nearly 1pm! Then after that I ddnt have another  till 2.15.

Time was ticking on, and although i knew I could nt win it, I knew that my section was going to be a low weight, so I reckoned I would need about 25lb to get it.

At around 2.30 things finally started to pick up and for half an hour I managed to get a few fish on corn, but as quickly as it had sprung into life, it died again, and I sat biteless for the last 20 minutes until the 3.30 whistle.

As I said, I knew our section would be close as no one along our bank had done well and I was the last of the day to weigh in with 20lb 15oz, not quite enough as the chap next to me on 25 had 23lb.

So I was second in section, not that it really does me any favours as this competition is decided on total weight over 4 of  the 6 matches (you drop your worst 2) rather than points.

Next saturday will see me returning for the 2nd round, so Im hoping that the weather picks up a tad, or at least isnt so bloody windy!

Tight Lines,


Perfect Shotting

Posted by dean on April 30, 2013 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Matt Maffu Harmel

i know dean personally from fishing against him his a top angler and ive learned alot off listening to him and when i heard he was making floats i had to have some so i ordered 10 they came the next day !!! perfectly packaged and they were the best made floats ive seen they also seem unbreakable. Another important thing i rather then other floats that have for example .1 of a gram having the exact shot wrote on the side of the float is brilliant and they shot perfectly against what they say unlike other handmade floats or ones you can buy from your tackle shop i would recommend these to anyone that takes there fishing seriously and want some top quality floats ive binned my others there that good !!

Best in the uk

Posted by dean on April 30, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Simon Parker

Evening all, just come home from a short session after work were i ave tryed out some of the dt floats i av purchased from dean. I must say that these are some of the best floats i av used for a long time, they are ultra tough, shot up perfectly, easily visiable 4(blind people like me) and are ultra sensitive. I av used these in a few matches now and as yet av not managed to break one. These in my mind are on par if not better than some of the floats i av used from malman, ackoo and mb floats. So wen ur next in the tackle shop picking up a fistfull of preston or garbo floats for your nxt match, av a rethink get on this page and order some of these instead. I can gaurantee u wont be disappointed

Fantastic DT Floats

Posted by dean on April 30, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

SamtightlinesTv Claydon

Hello all yesterday i fished west wood lakes on hawk i set upp 6 lines on the pole 2 at 14.5 1 at 13 and and 3 at 11mtr i had about 60lb you using all the dt float range i was amazed at the durability of the floats in tow bright sun and getting bashed around by some big fish i would always recommend these floats with no doubts at all please spread the word to get these floats the 1 and the only DT floats

Shop floats now gone

Posted by dean on April 30, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

John Drake

I used my DT floats on sunday and all I can say is " my shop bought floats will be going in the bin "

Top marks to " DT floats "


Posted by dean on April 30, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Simon Parker

Dt float as bin dragged thru a tree today wiv a angry 12lb foulhooker came back after a while wiv float unharmed and fish landed. Cant say that bout most floats.

first sunny weekend

Posted by dt floats sponsored matthew harmel on April 29, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

during the first sunny warm weekend of the year me and dad decided to go home farm fishery in saffron walden to hopefully catch our first hundred pound bags of the year set up on the only two pegs left that we booked as there was a match on thought it might be hard set up of course using dt floats pencil 2x11 for the shallow margin dt pencil 2x10 pencil for shallow at 11 meters and dt diamond 5x10 for margin paste had a great day switching between the 3 rigs best results on paste close in was real hit and hold stuff and the floats passed with flying colours finished with 110 pound dad with 135 beating me both using identical rigs with deans floats beat everyone else on the match easily.